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Rover Pipeline Update

On November 5th, 2019, the Triway community passed a 1% earned income tax to construct a new preK through 12 building. We are humbled by the community’s support and look forward to having a building that mirrors our educational vision. On the evening of Friday, November 15, we received information from our Wayne County Auditor, Jarra Underwood, that Rover Pipeline #2 assessments came back higher than Pipeline #1. As we indicated in our pipeline update on October 18th, when the district receives factual information from the Wayne County Auditor, we will share this information. Due to the increased district valuation from the Rover Pipeline #2 assessment, our current, existing levies will now generate an additional 5 million dollars. With this increase in tax revenue from Pipeline #2, the Board of Education has made the decision to not place the .75% earned income tax on the ballot for renewal in March 2020.

The emergency levy renewal will still be placed on the March 2020 ballot. The renewal of this levy is imperative to the ongoing long-term health of our operating fund. This is not an additional tax and is required to secure the maximum amount of dollars that can be collected from the Rover Pipeline. The additional valuation provided by Pipeline #2 decreases the millage necessary to raise the emergency levy’s $1.2 million. This reduction will be shared by all of Triway’s property owners. The revised millage reflecting the lower effective rate will be shared at a later date by the County Auditor.