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Trigonometry Syllabus



Welcome to Trigonometry!  I hope you enjoyed your summer, but it’s time to hit the books again.  I’ll try to make trig as painless as possible, but a lot depends upon you.  Math is what you make of it.  Who knows, you might actually use one or two things you learned in this class later on in life besides just using these skills in future math classes! 


Course Objectives

1.  Review geometric concepts, the Pythagorean Theorem,  
     functions, and special right triangles.

2.  Solve right triangles for missing sides and angles.

3.  Use the Law of Cosines, the Law of Sines, and the Law of 

4.  Graph trigonometric functions by hand and on the calculator.

5.  Find values of inverse trigonometric functions.

6.  Convert rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates.

7.  Graph polar equations.

8.  Make connections between trigonometric and circular functions.

9.  Prove trigonometric identities.

10.  Solve trigonometric equations.



1. Respect others in the classroom.

2. Come to class prepared (book, writing utensil, paper, etc.) and   
    on  time.  
3. Be here! Good attendance is important.  See agenda for
    attendance policies.

4. No food, snacks, pop, juice, milk, sports drink, coffee, etc.
     allowed in class.  Water bottles are the only exception.    
5. Always ask permission to use the hall pass. 



             The TI-83 or TI-83 Plus calculator is a requirement for the class.


             I do not give grades because you earn them.  I calculate grades using a point system.  Grades are based upon how many points you have earned out of the total that are possible.  THE STANDARDS HAVE BEEN SET.  WORK HARD TO GET THE GRADE YOU WANT.  


A = 92-100      3.5-4.0                        

B = 83-91        2.5-3.49                      

C = 74-82        1.5-2.49                      

D = 65-73         .5-1.49                      

F = 0 –64            0-.49     



*******IMPORTANT: 91.44% IS A B+, but a 91.49% is an A-. *******

 Computation of grades


1)      Nine-week grades and semester averages will be computed  
          using percentages.


2)      The semester average (with semester exam) will be computed
          by doubling the 1st and 2nd nine weeks grades and adding 
          the single value of the exam grade (not doubled).  Add the  
          total and then divide by 5. 


Example: 1st   9 week’s grade   2nd 9 week’s grade  Exam          Semester Avg.

                              A                          B                 C            =              B 


                             92%                    85%           75%                       86%


                      2(92) + 2 (85) + 75 = 429          429/5 =   85.8  =  86%    


            Cheating is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.  Any student caught cheating will receive a zero on the test, quiz, or homework.  I recommend that each student cover his or her work on tests and quizzes.


  Homework Policy

            Answer sheets will be handed out or answers will be displayed on the Smart Board for you to check your work on a daily basis.  Math labs will be given at least once every other week.  They will be considered part of your homework grades.  Simple equation: NO WORK SHOWN= NO CREDIT.  It’s important to show all work.  Showing work helps me to catch errors and make sure you’re on the right track.  In order to hold students accountable for what is being covered in class, I will be taking a completion grade, a correction grade, a homework quiz grade, a pop quiz grade, and an open-note quiz grade throughout the week.  Eventually, a radian measure quiz will become an option as well. 
            All homework assignments will be worth at least four points unless you have been notified otherwise.  If an assignment is not completed by the day it is due, then it is worth 0 points.  Keep track of your assignments and make up work when you have been absent as soon as you can.  If you fall behind on assignments, it may be difficult for you to catch up on new topics.  Always see me if you need extra help!  Finally, do NOT work on assignments for other classes during lessons. 
            Participation grades will also be taken throughout the week.  Students will earn points for coming up to the Smart board and doing a task during a lecture, answering questions on marker boards during review days, and answering questions during review activities in class.  An average of five-ten points may be earned throughout the week.  It is imperative that students are actively engaged and are given the opportunities to be active learners.


Assignment Sheets

            I’ll pass out weekly agenda sheets at the beginning of each week with daily assignments and upcoming quizzes and tests.  An assignment on Monday means that it is due on Tuesday.  If you happen to be absent, call a friend to get an assignment or read the next section of your textbook.  If you’re pre-excused, then you are still responsible for the same assignment as students who were in class.  Get the assignment ahead of time and make arrangements to get notes off of someone who will be in class the day you will be absent.  You’re responsible for making up missed assignments.  You will have one day to make up work for each day you’re absent.  Assignments will be posted on Progress Book and at http://www.triway.k12.oh.us/hs/hs-teacher/trwy_varner

Tests and Quizzes

            Expect either a quiz or test each week, depending on how long a chapter is.  Eventually, you will be doing radian measure quizzes on a weekly basis.  An explanation will be provided when it is time to complete these. 

  Make-up Tests and Quizzes

                       If you happen to be absent and miss a review day or a quiz/test day, then you will be responsible for taking the test or quiz on the day you return to school.  This only applies to students with excused absences.  If you were unexcused, then you will receive a zero on your test, quiz, lab, or homework assignment.



            It is expected that you follow all rules and policies listed in your agenda. 


Extra Help or Questions?

            If you need extra help, I’m available to help before school, 1st period, and after school if necessary.  Remember: there is no such thing as a silly question!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Chances are, there are probably at least two other people who have the same question(s) as you. 

Extra Credit

Students may turn in the following for five bonus points:

3rd and 4th nine weeks: a box of Kleenex tissues, 4 AAA batteries, 4-pack of dry erase markers, or 2-3 pairs of socks.

  Syllabus Assignment

              You will be responsible for printing off a signature page for you and a parent or guardian to sign verifying you understand my expectations for the course.  Please go to the following website: http://www.triway.k12.oh.us/hs/hs-teacher/trwy_varner.  Then go to the Quick Link Trigonometry Syllabus and find the signature page.  It's a PDF file that you can print off and sign.  This is due on January 30th and it is worth 10 points.