Triway Junior High is now a LEAD school.  As a school, we encourage our students and families to practice the 7 Habits at home.  Jan-March, if you use Habits 4-5 at home, tell us what you did and use #HabitsAtHomeTJHS to allow our Triway community to see our amazing leaders!

Triway Jr. High's 3rd 9-week Bingo Card has been handed to students to take home so that students and parents can participate at home. The purpose of these bingo cards is to promote the 7 habits and encourage families to be TJHS LEAD partners.   Attached you will find the 3rd-9 week Bingo Card to print off.    Each 9 weeks a drawing will be held for those students who turn in a completed Bingo.  This 9-weeks' Bingo Cards will be due to Mrs. Vukovich (Miss Kruegel) by March 8th.  Make sure that once your Bingo is completed you sign the card and get that returned to the school. The drawing will be held March 13th.  This 9 weeks' prize will be a "Sharpen Your Saw" family basket with an Italian theme.  Join in the fun and get those Bingo cards completed for your chance to win!!

Make sure you use #HabitsAtHomeTJHS  to share what you did and use for our Triway Community!!    #TheTriwayDifference

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