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School Counselor

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Danielle Vukovich, and I am the K- 8th school counselor at Triway Local Schools.  My goal throughout this school year, is to keep you up to date on information as well as provide parent resources on topics such as social media, technology safety, and mental health awareness. The current school counseling program is designed to address the needs of all students by helping them acquire competencies in career planning and exploration, knowledge of self/others, and educational/vocational development. The school counseling program includes the following.

                                              A. Guidance curriculum

                                              B. Individual planning

                                              C. Responsive services

                                              D. Individual/ Group Counseling

The counseling program in our school enables students, parents, and teachers to experience a positive learning involvement. The program consists of a myriad of supportive services: individual and group counseling, parent and teacher consultations, group counseling, referral assistance to other programs and services in the community, and student testing.  The overall objective is to develop respect and empathy for others in their school and community. 

Throughout the year , I will meet with students to offer support and direction as needed. Students can be referred by staff, parents, or self-referred.  While some concerns are simple to address and can be immediately resolved, there will be times where I will contact parents if the student needs further consultation, and always if the child has concerns of a serious manner. I look forward to working with your child, and I will make every effort to assist your child to have a productive and positive year at Triway Jr. High. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 330-264-2114 ext 3055 or e-mail at


Mrs. Danielle Vukovich

K-8th grade School Counselor

(330) 264-2114 ext 3055



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