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Following are instructions for use of TCCSA Applications

Instructions for changing your email password:

Change Email Password

 Instructions for Sophos home download:

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Online Applications Logon Helpful Hints:

Logins for Various Online Applications


Work Email Setup on Mobile Devices

Many of you have mailbe device that allow for corporate/work email accounts. Below you will find infomation fhat you will need to set up youe emial on your device. Note that you will most likely need only part of the information.

Answers for the fill-ins:


If asked for the Domain: tccsa.net

If asked for the Server: exmail.tccsa.net OR owa1.tccsa.net (most likely the first one)

If asked for the Email Account: your entire work address including the @tccsa.net

If asked for the Username: your username for logging in to Progress Book, email, etc. There is NO @tccsa.net

If asked for the Domain\Username: tccsa\username (as above)

Make sure you have a check for use secure SSL

For a printable copy of these instructions, click the link below.


Setting up Work Email on a Mobile Device


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